Kohal made the first performance in 2007 at Koramangala, Bangalore

We’re given a prime slot to perform in the Durga Puja organized by Sarathi in Koramangala in 2007. Few of us had already performed in the same place in 2005 with very limited resource. In 2007 we wanted to put up a very professional show. We’re joined by Kamalesh Ghosh, Kanishka’s batch-mate and very good guitarist and singer. He was part of the Western TMS during his KGP days. Between myself, Goopi, Molu, Bhags & Kamalesh we’d a lead guitarist (Kamalesh), base (Molu), two male singers (Goopi & Kamalesh), one female singer (Bhags) and one violin (myself). But that was not sufficient to put up a compact show. We needed one more female singer, drums and a key-boardist. That’s when we’re joined by Bhag’s colleagues Amrita (female singer) along with her husband Parag (key-boardist) & Ashwin (drummer, who also had his own drum-kit), Kamalesh’s colleagues Arindam (another lead guitarist) & Arijit (one more drummer) and Dipanjan (another male singer), a friend of Ritu, Kamalesh’s wife!! So finally we’d a complete team. We’re missing a percussionist, which we finally hired. We started reherasing as early as August for the show in October. As the drum-kit was not possible to be moved from place to place, Molu & Bhags volunteered to make their house the permanent practice point. The first few practice sessions were spent mainly in debates on song selection. We stuck to our USP, i.e. an exotic platter with a tremendous mix of everything. So finally we had retro songs like Geeta Dut’s “Meri Jaan, Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho” & the evergreen “Kajra Mohabbatwala”, Rehman’s “Dil Hai Chhota Sa” in instrumental, which we’d done innumerable times in IIT, Hemanta’s signature song “Gayer Bodhu”, new popular numbers like “Aaj Ki Raat” from Don & “Kaisi Pehli” from Parineeta presented in a jazz style and a few popular numbers from contemporary Bengali rock and folk bands. To compere the show we had Jhuma, then a DJ with the Worldspace Radio.

Performances 2007

Amrita: Vocals
Anandaroop: Vocals
Arijit: Drums
Arindam: Lead Guitar
Ashwani: Drums
Dipanjan: Vocals
Kamalesh: Guitar & vocals
Kanishna: Base
Parag: Keyboards
Ranjita: Vocals
Sudipto: Violin
Sulagna (Jhuma): Compering


Superstar Rajni-sir, used to stay in the same apartment, where we practised. He was once disturbed by our noise (practice)
For safety, the drum-kit was placed in the right most corner of the stage, thus putting Ashwin & Arijit out of range of the photographers. They didn’t appear in any snap
The harmonium was out of tune – it was discovered only on stage
The hysteric crowd was cheering up so much that most of the songs were not audible properly during the show – later we figured out in the recording that many a time we went off-tune…..!!
Few kids came up to the stage during “Aaj Ki Raat” and kept on dancing till the end

Performance of Sammad 2007 in Koramangala, Bangalore


Here are the photos of Kohal’s first performance in 2007.