After the excitement of our first performance in 2007, we were all energized to keep the tempo high even in 2008. Though we’d all talked of jamming frequently, but we never really got time to even meet for once for most of 2008. But we did remember our conviction to perform again in 2008.

Kanishka and Ranjita had got a request from one of their friends, a professor at NCBS Bangalore, to perform at their institute on 2nd October. Kanishka has been saying this for quite some time but it was not before August that we finally took the decision to perform. We’re apprehensive of a show this year because Kamalesh, our lead guitarist and also a male vocalist, had already gone back to IIT KGP for pursuing doctorate. Also Anandaroop, the main male vocalist would not be available during that time. But at the last moment we got Priyam, whom I’d met late last year at a function where I’d played violin for a group called Nagorik.

Priyam is a wonderful singer, guitarist and key-boardist. No doubt he brought the most of the talent and professionalism that we all have been missing. He is a budding musician, Priyam is an extremely talented artist and a name to watch out for in the near future. The 22 year old musician has created ripples in the music fraternity with his stunning tunes and compositions. We wish him all the best in all his endeavors. You can know more of him in his personal web-site:

Eventually we’re joined by Rohit and Nipun, through Ashwani’s reference, and Karthik through Kanishka’s. Rohit and Nipun helped us to diversify to a few great English numbers. Karthik added a regional flavor to our performance.

So by the beginning of September we’re all ready with a full team to start our practice. Rohit, Nipun, Priyam & Ashwani started preparing for the English numbers and the remaining of us for the Indian selections. Apart from the show at NCBS we also got a prime slot in Sammad 2008, the cultural fiesta organized by Sarathi Socio Cultural Trust around Durga Puja, on 8th Oct, the last and supposedly the most crowded day of the fest.

This time we’d only a month to get prepared. So we didn’t attempt to render any difficult number. We chose only those numbers which we’d performed multiple times in the past. To maintain our uniqueness – i.e, the wide platter of music that we present – we finally decided to start with an instrumental on violin & key boards based on a popular Rabindra Sangeet and “Vaishnava Jane To” – a popular Bhajan rendered by Karthik. Then we moved to a retro section with “Dum Maro Dum” and “Babuji Dheere Chalna” – both rendered by Ranjita. The retro section was followed by a signature section with a fusion of the Sufi “Bulla Ki Jana” and English “Californication” – rendered by Priyam, an instrumental, on violin & keyboards, of a Salil Chowdhury composition and a Bengali song by Ranjita. We also had a regional number sung by Karthik in between. The last section was for Hindi and English rock numbers. Rohit and Nipun played the lead and base guitars for the English numbers.

Kohal 2008 performance

Performances 2008

Ashwani: Drums
Karthik: Vocals
Kanishna: Base
Nipun: Base
Priyam: Vocals, Key boards, Guitar
Priyank: Compering
Ranjita: Vocals
Rohit: Guitar
Sudipto: Violin