A young guy lands in London to do his engineering in the Trinity College and by the time he returns to India he has already decided that if he has a girl she would be named Trinita. That’s how my wife got her name. We’ve been married now for fifteen years and it’s not an easy thing for someone to bear with me and my whims for so long!!

Holding a masters in International Relations from Jadavpur University, she did a small stint in HR prior to the birth of our son in 2003. She was a home maker for almost ten years before recently taking up teaching in 2012.

The last five years, during which I’d to spend a good amount of time for my first book. The Ekkos Clan, she had to bear with my total indifference towards most of the homely chores. More the book progressed, more I became unsocial, not going out for weeks. I hope her frustrations bear fruit.